Our Future


Today, we are proud to introduce HisMajesty King Mthimkhulu III, the Paramount King of the Royal AmaHlubi Kingdomand Her Majesty Queen Mthimkhulu. 

Enthroned by his people, The Kingdom hasall the promise of reigniting and furthering the legacy so richly merited fromeras gone by.  

The Kingdoms uniqueness is expressed as aplace that has a special bond with, and strong legacy within the community.This is best defined as our purpose to seek and fulfil meaningful relationshipswith our people, our stakeholders and Country at large, all of whom value thissense of ownership and belonging.

The Kingdom strives to position itself,under the leadership of King Mthimkhulu III, as a reliable, trustworthy and humble partner. 

The values that we hold deeply and the ones that guide all our decisions and actions remain those as set in time;  

* Esteem honest and authentic relationships and partnerships
* Remain loyal and dependable and trustworthy
* Celebrate and support the life of our communities
* Embrace and respect our place within Africa,particularly South Africa, abroad and more specifically; locally within our community; the heart and soul of the AmaHlubi Nation.

AmaHlubi Coat of Arms

The Royal AmaHlubi Kingdoms Coat of Arms symbolizes our rich legacy. The Kings’Crown is representative of foundations in our Kingdoms leadership set as early as 1 300; a strong, reliable and trustworthy Chiefdom. History speaks of our Kings being esteemed by numerous Chiefs and Traditional Leaders over the Centuries, this is reflected in the Lions Head which represents our great Icon Chief Langalibalele.

The leopards adorning the shield are symbolic of past trials of our nation, resilient warriors renowned for not only being valiant, but wise and resourceful too.  

The vibrant palette of gold, rich blue and deep maroon,reflect our Nations values of pride, generosity, truth and loyalty.  Our Roots.

Our Future.

King Mthimkhulu III
Queen Nontobeko Mthimkhulu

Our Promise

In respecting the place we hold within our Community; our purpose is to offer a sense of belonging; a place, a being, that seamlessly merges into our stakeholders and community’s lives; both physically and emotionally.  
The heart and soul of our people.
Our Roots. Our Future.