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Umkhosi Wokweshwana

The Amahlubi Kingdom through its King and its Royal Highnesshas strategically positioned itself whereby they are continuously ringing thebell to other chiefdoms and Kingdoms by strengthening the Kings powers and togive the order and directive that vegetables and crops like maize can be eatenand traded.

The uniqueness of this ceremony is embedded on thereinforcement of values such as independence, integrity, selflessness andability to push away the frontiers of poverty. The ceremony brings together allthe Hlubi’s across the Republic of South Africa, national government officialsand the broader business community.

During the cultural event we host various activities wheremembers of the communities especially the youth showcase their talent. This isa beautiful ceremony which shows off our cultural diversity and pride and itmainly focuses on showcasing our traditional dance, colourful costumes and itbrings the community together through the diverse performances and poetry. Alsoduring this ceremony, the maidens perform a special ritual which is a symbol oftheir purity.

We also have a program called Youth – Adult Partnership aswe know that many adults still hold negative stereotypes about the perceptionsand capabilities of teenagers so through this program we are able to bringcohesion within the communities.

Partnership with the Department of Basic Education

The Hlubi King through its AmaHlubi Royal Sustainable Development Foundation works closely with the Department of Education in promoting education, promoting self-love and empowerment of young black women in prevention of teenage pregnancy

Gala Dinner

During the Gala dinner we invite various motivational speakers who concentrate on Carrier Guidance and Leadership. We also raise awareness on HIV, AIDS, STI, TB, teenage pregnancy and life skills through dialogues, health talks and workshop sessions. The youth take part in Team Building exercises, debates and they ghetto meet prominent Community leaders.

We all know that young people are more receptive to change and have a large stake in creating a strong future therefore we need to engage them and motivate them showing them that there is more to life than their current circumstances.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

We also have been working closely with the Department of Minister of Agriculture, Forestry andFisheries and in the year 2015 King Mthimkhulu III invited the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Mr Senzeni Zokwana on an official visit to the Republic of Belarus.

The King also managed to negotiate Agricultural Bursaries for the youth of South Africa to study the advanced courses in Agriculture offered by the Belarus University and 30 studentes benefited from this project.

Our King has been involved in projects that assist our youth for over a decade and below is links to some of his successful initiatives:


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